Educational Materials

Did you know that the National Parkinson Foundation offers a complete set of pamphlets FREE OF CHARGE to those people who need to know how to live with Parkinson Disease? Whether you are newly diagnosed, a care-partner, a frightened son or daughter of a PD patient, ANYONE who needs to understand this disease: you can order these books on-line and they will be sent directly to your door.

We call them the Rainbow Books.

Rainbow Books.fw

Topics include:

What You and Your Family Should Know
Caring and Coping
Fitness Counts
Mind, Mood and Memory
A Guide to Deep Brain Stimulation
Practical Pointers for Parkinson Disease
Managing Advanced Parkinson Disease
Nutrition Matters
Speech and Swallowing
Dificultades con el Habla y la Deglución (tragar)
El Cuidado y la Adaptación Necesaria
Estar En Forma Cuenta
La Importancia de la Nutrición
Lo Que Usted y Su Familia Deben Saber
Manejo de la enfermedad de Parkinson en su etapa avanzada
Consejos prácticos para la enfermedad de Parkinson

Ask for them at our Parkinson Community Center, 21301 Powerline Rd, Suite 300, Boca Raton.

Or order them online. Here’s how: Click ‘here’ or go to and on the top line click on ‘Publications’. Choose all the titles that you would like to order, follow the directions for mailing, and everything will come right to your door.

And while you are there order an Aware in Care kit!

Aware in Care Kit.fwThis kit includes helpful tools and information that helps people with PD plan for a stay at the hospital.

Here’s a tip: keep a copy of pertinent information (Power of Attorney, Living Wills, family phone numbers, DNR’s, even an extra cell phone charger) in the bag all the time and then if an emergency comes up and you need to get out of the house quickly you can just throw your medications in the bag and go.

The kit includes:

1. Aware in Care Bag — This black bag is large enough to store all the materials from the Aware in Care kit as well as extra bottles of your Parkinson’s medications.

2. Hospital Action Plan — This 24 page booklet outlines 10 steps to take to get the best care possible during a hospital stay, and provides additional guidance for people with special needs.

3. Parkinson’s Disease ID Bracelet — This stainless steel, hypo-allergenic bracelet is designed for 24/7 wear. The bracelet indicates the wearer has Parkinson’s disease, refers to the wallet card for more information, and provides the NPF Helpline number for additional assistance.

4. Medical Alert Card — This card provides additional guidance about treating a person with Parkinson’s disease. It is designed to be folded up and placed in a person’s wallet or pocketbook.

5. Medication Form — Each kit includes a pad of Medication Forms. The forms may be completed prior to a hospital visit and used to provide a complete list of the medications when requested at the hospital.

6. Parkinson’s Disease Fact Sheet — This fact sheet provides an overview of Parkinson’s and may be shared with hospital staff.

7. I Have Parkinson’s Reminder Slips — Each kit includes a pad of these reminder slips. Each slip has vital information about Parkinson’s disease that may be shared with every member of the care team in the hospital.

8. Thank You Card — Each kit includes a thank you card that may be presented to a hospital staff member who provides high quality care.

9. Magnet — The magnet, which says, “I have Parkinson’s and I need my medications on time, every time,” is a visual reminder of the importance of medication timing for people with Parkinson’s.

One kit per person please. Please call 1-800-4PD-INFO (473-4636) for more information.